Beyond Sushi and Haru (and reflections on Hurricane Sandy)

by Ada on November 2, 2012

Hello Everyone

Thank you to those who reached out during the storm. Upper Manhattan survived relatively unscathed, but the hospital where I work, very tragically, had to be completely evacuated. Not only did patients, already suffering from illness, have to be manually transported down flights of stairs to other hospitals, but decades worth of biomedical research was destroyed and medical education halted. I don’t know when I’ll get to return to work, but it’s really a devastating situation.

Though I feel silly blogging about food during a situation like this, life must go on. Recently I had two very different sushi encounters, one at the newly opened Beyond Sushi and the other at Haru.

Beyond Sushi offers healthy vegan sushi with wonderfully inventive vegetable content, such as roasted kabocha and charred carrot. The roll is wrapped in a 6-grain rice and served with a sauce of your choice.

Though I really wanted to love the roll, the rice was extremely bland and lacked the bright acidic taste of normal sushi rice. The accompanying mushroom sauce, however, really unified the dish and significantly enhanced the flavor.

Before the storm hit Sunday Kevin and I savored our last moments outside and had an outdoor lunch at Haru sushi. To start I had a salad

and we then split the sushi sashimi combo

Though this was certainly no Tenzan. the fish was fresh and the platter contained the perfect amount to share.

Originally I was supposed to run the NYC  marathon this weekend for the third consecutive year, but I electively deferred. The question of whether or not NYRR should continue to hold the marathon remains a divisive issue within the city. I firmly believe that NYRR should NOT hold the marathon, given the destruction still affecting millions of people across the city. Parts of New York already face food/water/fuel water shortages, hundreds have lost homes, and traffic congestion remains a nightmare. Adding additional people will only further burden the city and The argument that visiters will enhance the economy does not necessary hold in this situation when the goods do no exist for individuals to purchase. Tourists, for example, cannot dine downtown since restaurants lack electricity or visit temporarily shuttered cultural institutions. Hotels are also already at capacity with individuals displaced by the storm. Visiting runners will only displace these storm refugees in these hotels since they have pre-existing reservations.

Look, I’m all for the symbolicism of 50,000 people working together to achieve a grueling athletic goal, but this just seems too soon, too insensitive at the present moment. NYC faces enough of a challenge and resource deficit reconstructing after this unprecedented storm, let alone shutting down the entire city for a road race.

Do you agree with NYRR’s decision to hold the ING NYC Marathon?

I hope that you all weathered the storm safe and sound and suffered minimal damages!



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