Quantum Leap

by Ada on November 16, 2012

Still displaced from the hospital thanks to Hurricane Sandy, my supervisor (Hot in Hurr) and I headed to a university library to work. For lunch we visited Quantum Leap, a natural foods restaurant in the West Village.

Hot in Hurr selected the soba noodle salad, which contained the alarmingly flourescent green seaweed that prompts you to extract your portable Geiger counter, tofu, assorted veggies, and the aforementioned noodles. The tofu had a lovely sesame/soy flavor, but the dish bordered on overly salty.

I selected the roasted veggie/tofu salad, which had a wonderfully diverse array of vegetables and nicely seasoned tofu. I could eat this salad every day and be a very happy camper.

We had a nice experience and Quantum Leap and would definitely return for another leisurely lunch.

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