Dinner at Nikko’s, Dessert at Kitchenette

by Ada on January 13, 2013

Hello Everyone, Happy New Year! I plan on posting my annual recap in the coming days, but let’s just say increasing the frequency of blog posts is a major resolution of mine.

A month ago, Kevin and I continued our quest of sampling neighborhood eateries with a visit to Nikko.

Nikko is an Asian-fusion restaurant specializing in Hibachi. I had never sampled Hibachi cuisine before and looked forward to trying it.

The Hibachi meal included a (very watery, tasteless) miso soup

and salad dressed in a fluorescent orange vinaigrette

We supplemented the meal with a tuna sashimi pizza, which arrived nicely presented and flavored with jalapenos and wasabi mayonnaise.

After consuming our pizza, the Habachi theatrics began.

The Habachi experience was, uh, interesting. . . Let’s just say that if having a chef squirt an endless stream of sake from a baby bottle into your mouth while shouting “shots shots shots” isn’t your thing, you should avoid Nikko at all costs.

Needless to say, that isn’t my thing.

I also do not particularly enjoy watching a chef douse my food in a half pound of butter and then further increasing the fat content by dumping a half bottle of oil over the food. The resultant product was a mound of inedibly greasy vegetable and protein completely devoid of any flavor.

Luckily, dessert salvaged our taste buds from defeat. We stopped into the neighboring Kitchenette and picked up a cookie:

and epically delicious chocolate cream pie

the staff also kindly threw in a complimentary cupcake. Lucky us!

Next time we will simply consume the entire meal at Kitchenette, which boasts a delightful sounding dinner menu.

Nikko: Asian Fusion Restaurant/Hibachi Grill on Urbanspoon
Kitchenette Uptown on Urbanspoon

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