70.3 San Juan Recap

by Ada on April 18, 2013

Last month Kevin and I escaped the frigid New York City weather and visited Puerto Rico for the San Juan Half Ironman.

Upon exiting the airplane we hopped a cab to our hotel, the Caribe Hilton, and were instantly transported to paradise!

Though our time in Puerto Rico was quite limited, and mostly occupied by race preparation, we certainly absorbed the tranquil atmosphere and indulged in major relaxation.

Each morning a breakfast buffet laden with pastries, fresh fruit, and hot items greeted us.

I particularly loved the fresh juice bar, which included exotic flavors, such as passion fruit.

I piled my plate with lots of pre-race carbs and perfectly sweet mango.

Our hotel room featured a lovely patio occupied by some suspicious birds. Each morning they woke us up with loud squawks and attempted to invade our bedroom.

Additional pre-race comestibles included loads of fruit consumed pool-side

mediocre nachos

a huge ice cream cone (which I always must consume before a race)

We had a fabulous pre-race dinner with our friends Jason and Aleks at the trendy Asian Fusion restaurant Dragonfly, but I did not capture any pictures.

I did, however, capture our wacky room-service order:

I’m sure the room service people thought we were crazy in requesting a bowl of bananas alongside our chocolate cake and whipped cream. The bananas, however, served as a component of our race-morning breakfast.

The actual race turned out to be somewhat disastrous. The swim went well, and I managed to beat 9 pro-triathletes in it, but during the bike course I got extremely dehydrated and fainted at the very end of the bike course. Training in the NYC cold made acclimating to the Puerto Rican temperatures extremely difficult.

Though the race officials tried to get me to drop out of the race, I somehow evaded their insistent advice and hobbled over to the bike/run transition. Once I made it to transition I found Kevin waiting for me! At first I thought it was a delirium-induced mirage, but sure enough it was him! He had seen me struggling on the bike course and knew I was in serious trouble.

Kevin made me wait until I could formulate cohesive sentences before resuming the race and starting the run. We began the run together and made a pact to cross the finish line together.

Though our race time was extremely slow, we finished together and survived relatively unscathed. Kevin waiting in transition was one of the sweetest things ever!

The funny part is, despite the disastrous race and super duper slow finish time, I got a trophy for placing third in my age group.  I’m definitely lucky to still be in an age group with limited participants.

After the race we immediately showered, hit the hot tub, and took a (LONG) nap. I can honestly say that I’ve never been in so much pain after a race before, mostly due to sun burn.

Kevin craved a big juicy steak after the race, so I happily obliged and visited Morton’s with him.

Upon sitting down our server brought over an amazing loaf of onion bread that we devoured in seconds.

Kevin began with the French onion soup

while I began with an amazing house salad. Probably the best salad dressing I’ve ever tasted!
My apologies for the terrible quality of photos, I did not want to use flash in such a fancy establishment.

For his entree Kevin selected a huge hunk of meat

while I went with some, disappointing tuna tacos

brussel sprouts on the side:

chocolate mousse for dessert:

The best part of enduring a challenging race in paradise?

Post-race recovery!

Pina Coladas+Ocean/swimming pools= optimal post-race relaxation

Cheers to a wonderful time in paradise!