New Brunswick, NJ: Old Man Rafferty’s

by Ada on May 1, 2013

Dating a Jersey boy has opened my eyes to the culinary offerings of the garden state.

A couple of Sundays ago we hopped into the Ford and headed to New Brunswick on a lark. Though we were tempted to return to the beloved Evelyn’s, we instead visited Old Man Rafferty’s.

A quick survey of the interior revealed a slew of octogenarians conversing over dry martinis and steak. ¬†Our presence dropped the average diner’s age by at least two decades, but that’s part of the eatery’s jaded charm.

Upon being seated our server greeted us with a wonderful bread basket

For appetizers we selected the mixed Asian platter

and French onion soup

The mixed asian platter contained primarily fried bites and lacked any significant flavor. Kevin reported that the French onion soup was tasty, though essentially any item doused in gruyere would have gustatory appeal.

Upon my gentle remonstrance against red meat, Kevin selected the sea bass. Of course the cod ended up arriving wrapped in prosciutto, nullifying the initial intent to avoid any LDL.

Unfortunately the Cod’s interior contained sundried tomatoes, which Kevin has a strong aversion to. I happily helped him complete the dish, enjoying numerous bites of the tender fish.

For my entree I selected the Greek salad with grilled chicken which, sadly, arrived with the dressing on the side. A major restaurant pet-peeve of mine is when restaurants put the dressing on the side rather than tossing the greens,

The dish was pretty standard, nothing revolutionary there.

Overall Old Man Rafferty’s offers fine, casual fare in a geriatric community-oriented environment. If visiting New Brunswick I would definitely recommend visiting Evelyn’s instead.

No visit to New Brunswick is complete without a stop at Thomas Sweets!

Cookies and cream soft serve mixed with chocolate sprinkles. Incredible.

Hope that everyone is doing well and having a good week! I am thinking of starting a blog post series about life in NYC as a twenty-something year old recent grad figuring out life. One post could be about apartment hunting, another one job searching, another about relationships. Let me know if that’s something you’re interested in!

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